Choosing the best removal company for a smooth move

Let’s face it, Jamie Briggs Removals & Storage Ltd is not the only removal company you will come across – and although the internet makes looking for a removal company a lot easier, it’s still hard to know who to trust with your belongings on one of the most important days of your life.

So how do you go about finding the right company for you? Here are our top tips for choosing a removal firm you can rely on:

  1. Check if your removal firm is a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR). Gaining BAR membership means that a company complies with their Code of Practice. BAR members are professional, reputable and in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you’ve got someone to turn to.

    As well as being long-time members of BAR, we are also members of the association’s Advanced Payment Guarantee scheme which protects all advanced payments, and we have achieved The British Standard EN 14873 for Storage. Our customers have the peace of mind that comes with our experience and qualifications.
  1. Ask your friends, relatives and business contacts for their recommendations. Your surveyor or estate agent might also have trusted contacts to tap into.

    A company’s website customer testimonials will always be positive and social media can often be unbalanced too, so check out more realistic reviews on impartial websites like Reference Line (
  1. Reputable removal companies should visit your home or business to draw up an accurate quotation based on the amount of goods, whether you’d like your items packaged, the distance to be travelled, packaging materials, insurance, etc., so good 2-way communication is vital. Does your removal company have trained, permanent staff or do they use contracted temporary staff? They should also explain the level of insurance to take out and that you should check with your own household insurer for existing cover.

    Our Jamie Briggs Removals teams are all trained by us and also by BAR, and take extreme pride in carrying out the best possible move for you. Many of our colleagues have been with us for years and they’ve experienced all the trials and tribulations that come with moving day – nothing fazes them!
  1. Removal firms love to be asked to pack up your house – why? Because it means we can be sure that your worldly goods will arrive at your new home in a safe, well-wrapped condition. We also ensure that boxes aren’t overloaded and that the right packaging is used for each item.

    Is your packaging included in your quote? When will it be delivered to your home? Can you keep the wardrobe boxes if required? Does the company pick up used boxes after your move? Does it recycle the materials? At Jamie Briggs Removals, the answer to these questions is ‘yes’ because we know that it’s the often overlooked things that really matter.

Our final piece of advice is to choose the removal company that suits your needs rather than the cheapest. Whether you go for a large multi-national company or a smaller, local family run business, they should be able to meet your criteria and make your move go without a hitch.

We wish you all the best!

For a removal quote from Jamie Briggs Removals & Storage, please call our friendly, expert team on 01869 233777 or email

Posted: 4th October 2017

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